The High Cost of Litigation

I originally chose to read New Richmond News, et al. v. City of New Richmond because of an interest in the scope of open records law in Wisconsin and its relationship to the federal Driver’s Privacy Act (18 U.S.C. § 2721), but was initially awed by this sentence: “[a] A judgment was entered on July 2, 2014, awarding the Newspaper $100 in damages, actual costs, and $63,582.51 in attorney fees. My first impression was shock because the trial court decided the case based solely on the complaint and answer, referred to as a  judgment on the pleadings.  That means no testimony or other evidence was submitted to the court.



I do not know enough about the proceedings prior to the trial court’s decision, so perhaps there is more here than first meets the eye. Nevertheless, friends, before you rush to court always consider less expensive options to resolve your disputes.

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