Business Law

Partnering With You To Pursue Your Business Endeavors
The needs of your business are important not only in your professional life, but also in your personal life. When your business faces issues, changes or necessary maintenance, you need an advocate you can trust to guide you through the complex processes that accompany these needs. The attorneys at McIlnay Button Law LLC have experience working with businesses of every size, assisting with a number of services.

Comprehensive Corporate Services

Our lawyers take the time to understand your business goals and needs. With this information, we use our knowledge and skill to pursue creative avenues that are strategically tailored to the unique needs of your business. We are able to help with a variety of business necessities including: When issues arise, we use our litigation and negotiation skills to solve business disputes inside the courtroom. We always represent your best interests and seek outcomes that are favorable to your business both now and well into the future.

Get Innovative Advocacy Now

We often work as general counsel for business owners. As a regular part of your team, we can help you identify and turn legal issues into opportunities. If you have an established business or are starting a business, contact our office in Grafton, Wisconsin, today at 262-421-8060. Schedule a consultation via our contact form.

Business Litigation

business law

Effectively Resolving Complex Business Legal Disputes

Successful business owners do not shy away from conflicts when they first emerge. Owners allocate their time and money effectively to resolve disputes, preventing legal matters from undermining their long-term objectives. Our attorneys at McIlnay Button Law LLC have played an integral role in helping Milwaukee-area owners address business legal matters efficiently and economically. We get results because we customize our approach according to your unique situation. Whether you are taking legal action or defending against a lawsuit, we are qualified to represent your interests throughout Wisconsin.

Working Collaboratively To Find Solutions

Our Ozaukee County firm has over five decades of combined legal experience. We draw on our immense trial and negotiation background when we help you confront disputes arising from:

  • Breach of contract
  • Property disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Employment contracts
  • Partnership agreements
  • Unfair or deceptive trade practices
  • Trademark and copyright infringement

We have secured favorable outcomes for business owners involved in conflicts with shareholders, partners, suppliers, competitors, employees and other parties. Throughout Wisconsin, our litigators are known for their meticulous approach and tireless advocacy. We will not back down from a legal challenge because we are committed to your case.

Pursuing A Cost-Effective Course Of Action

Mindful of the expenses associated with litigation, we will pursue a course of action that protects your legal and financial interests. We offer mediation services for clients who wish to resolve disputes without court involvement. When both parties agree to mediate conflicts, they are often able to save money, retain control over the decision-making process and keep their business affairs private.

Whether you elect to involve the court or a mediator, we are prepared to advocate for your best interests.

Ignoring A Business Dispute Will Not Make It Disappear. Begin Developing Your Strategy Today.

When you hire us, we start to review your options immediately. If you need a legal partner who is actively engaged from day one, call 262-421-8060 or contact our team online.