Using Mediation To Resolve Business Disputes

When you are involved in a complex business dispute, it is necessary to explore your legal options before you take action. Although you can rely on the court to resolve your conflict, litigating matters can be expensive and time-consuming. Mediation may help you secure a positive result in a timely and economical manner.

In Grafton, McIlnay Button Law LLC offers extensive business legal services that include mediation. We are qualified to facilitate mediation sessions when parties agree to work together to remedy their conflicts. Having practiced law in the Milwaukee metro for over three decades, we are able to identify creative solutions that help your business address your concerns and move forward.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that empowers parties to solve problems without involving the court. During mediation, parties meet with a mediator who leads discussions about the issues at hand. With the mediator’s support, parties identify an acceptable remedy and sign a settlement or a memorandum.

What Are The Benefits Of Mediation?

Mediation can be an attractive alternative to litigation because:

  • Mediation allows parties to decide the outcome of the dispute rather than giving control to a judge.
  • Information shared in mediation sessions remains private, whereas courtroom testimony may be made public.
  • While parties need to follow the court’s schedule to litigate matters, mediation sessions are arranged to suit each party’s calendar.
  • Mediating disputes is often less expensive than litigating matters because parties are not responsible for paying court fees and separate attorney’s fees.

These are just a few of the many benefits associated with this approach.

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