Real Estate Law

Guiding You Through Real Estate Matters
Real estate transactions — whether you are buying, selling or leasing property — require thorough consideration and an attentive eye. These processes are large financial endeavors that can greatly impact your business and future. When you make a commitment to real estate efforts, you will want to ensure that each step you take throughout the process is in your best interests. The attorneys at McIlnay Button Law LLC are dedicated to aiding you through complex real estate transactions. We will always advise you of your options and fight to make your goals a reality.

Comprehensive Real Estate Services

With abundant experience in intersecting areas of law, our lawyers have the knowledge and skill required to successfully assist you with all real estate matters and disputes. We understand that there are several deadlines, documents and moving pieces to consider. Our goal is to ensure that these pieces work cohesively in order to minimize the stress on your end. We proudly assist both buyers and sellers with:
  • Purchase agreements
  • Drafting and reviewing commercial leases
  • Gaining development approval
  • Condominium governance, contracts and disputes
  • Enforcing covenants
  • Acquiring investment properties
  • Contract disputes
  • Homeowners association matters
  • Land use and zoning
One wrong move could greatly impact your real estate goals. We will provide detail-oriented guidance and thoroughly examine all documents on your behalf.

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Zoning and Land Use Matters


It takes a strong partnership to turn a real estate development plan into a reality. In addition to land developers and financial backers, legal counsel plays an important role in the process. If you are concerned about keeping your development plans on track and remaining compliant with local codes, it is wise to invest in an attorney’s services.

Our lawyers at McIlnay Button Law LLC provide knowledgeable advice on a range of business-related matters that affect land developers and other parties in real estate development. Our attorneys are long-time residents of the Milwaukee metro. They are intimately familiar with local zoning requirements, local political issues and Wisconsin’s statutory framework for municipal regulation of land use. For over 30 years, we have used our local insight to persuade municipal approval, facilitate transactions and resolve disputes in court.

Navigating Land Use Issues

Our Grafton-based firm assists commercial and residential developers with all aspects of the zoning and municipal approvals.  We work with your team from the start to assure the best possible reception of your projects from municipal leaders, staff and the public.

To do so:

  • We meet with your entire team early to understand the project
  • Work with municipal staff to iron out issues before meetings
  • Appear at municipal meetings and educate the audience on your project
  • Negotiate and draft developer’s agreements

We also represent clients in administrative hearings and appeals. As your advocates, we will take the time necessary to prepare you for hearings and help you finish any tasks required after the hearing.

Offering Extensive Support During Zoning And Land Use Disputes

In addition to transactional services, we offer dispute resolution services. We are licensed to mediate or litigate conflicts related to:

  • Boundary or right-of-way disputes
  • Easements
  • Eminent domain

When you retain us, you will benefit from our substantial courtroom and negotiation experience. We are detail-focused attorneys who will explore all available options when searching for a favorable solution.

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